Saturday, January 17, 2015

Some pictures of "Arquero"

Hey everyone! Here are some pictures of the Arquero model I've been working on for a commission at Level 5. He is mounted on a Showcase level base made out of plasticard and small clay bricks, among other materials resembling an old city street scene.

As mentioned this model is a sculpt by Pulp City entitled Arquero. I really like the super-hero feel of the sculpt, as well as its dynamic pose! I decided to paint it up a little brighter than the studio paint job, to highlight all the nice muscle definition on the model. I will hopefully have a tutorial up soon regarding how I painted the bow specifically. If anyone has any questions about what colors were used or how to paint a certain part of the model feel free to comment below!

Thanks for checking this model out! If you want a commission done feel free to email me at or check out my Facebook page: Link to Facebook

Thanks again!

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