Saturday, December 27, 2014

CMON Expo 2014

Hey guys! I figured I'd do a quick recap of the Cool Mini Or Not Expo that I attended this year back in late May. I've also included some pictures of my Crystal Brush entry that I sort of fell into!

First and foremost, I had a blast! The venue was definitely nice, located in the Atlanta Marriott Marquis. I'm glad they called this an "Expo" and not a convention. While it is definitely not small I feel that if people are expecting a "Con" or massive convention then they might be disappointed.That's definitely not to say that there isn't a lot to do! The list of painters and game developers there doing talks and demonstrations, as well as a lot of tournaments and demo games definitely made it worthwhile for me! There is also a decent store and vendor section from CMON with many of their products there.

      I was obviously mainly looking forward to the Crystal Brush qualifier to see what all the entries looked like! I had originally planned on not entering anything as I hadn't finished the models I wanted to put into the competition. However, on the first night of the expo (the night before entries were due mind you!) I got an extremely cool Wrath of Kings model from doing a demo game with some people. The model is a Longhorn from the House of Nasier. I then got the bright idea to stay up for the majority of the night building, priming, basing, and painting the miniature to go ahead and enter into the competition the next day. As I was very short on time the model didn't quiet get up to the standards I had hoped for, but I ended up taking silver in my category (sadly not as impressive as getting a crystal brush, but I still got my little trophy, haha!) I was, and still am, obviously quiet pleased with this outcome as I had originally had my mind set on not entering anything after I was unable to finish my first model choice.

     Ultimately I was definitely pleased that I went, and the fact that this year they also gave out a really cool swag bag just for registering and showing up made it even better! It included a substantial amount of free stuff including a Zombicide mini, the Dark Age rulebook, and many other cool little hobby items. In conclusion I would like to recommend that anyone in the area who was thinking about heading to the Expo next year, June 19th, should definitely do so! Be sure to check their website for even more info and pictures of the events. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I'll also be including some pictures of my Longhorn entry below!

(Sorry for the crappy lighting, the model ends up looking a little dark but its the best I could do at the time.)

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