Saturday, December 27, 2014

Review: Miniature Painting Secrets with Jen Haley DVDs

Hey everyone! In an attempt to make good on my promise to keep this blog updated I've decided to just go ahead and post up as much useful (and hopefully entertaining content) as possible over the next few days. This post will include a quick review, recap of the Miniature Painting Secrets with Jen Haley DVDs as well as pictures of a Soda Pop Squall model I personally painted following this DVD! Be sure to read on!

As some of you may or may not know, I'm a huge fan of Jen Haley's work! I've used her website guides and previous miniatures as both inspiration and as a resource for knowledge when it comes to the art of miniature painting for many years now. As such, I thought it was time to finally get a hold of her DVD set to see what else I could learn.   If you aren't familiar with the models shes painted I highly recommend checking out her CMON gallery under the username "haley" (as sadly it seems her website is down right now, as of writing this post.)

Now on to the review! I would like to say that this DVD set is definitely geared towards a more intermediate to advanced painter. Not to say that you won't learn valuable information if you are just getting into painting, it's just that some of the techniques and methods used may cause you some frustration if you haven't been painting miniatures for very long. Don't get discouraged though, practice makes everything more manageable!

The DVD set's first few chapters start off with an introduction and basic information regarding different tools and products to use when working on miniatures. I was particularly interested in what sort of brushes Jen used and found the information to be extremely helpful! I have been using the brushes she mentions in the video for just about 7 months now and they are still in excellent condition (with proper care of course!)

The video then breaks down into the painting of 3 different miniatures. I'm not sure what the exact model is for each of them. However, I did decide to follow along with her painting of the Squall model from Soda Pop miniatures as I was familiar with that figure and it was stocked at my local gaming store! From here on out Jen meticulously describes and actually paints each color and step she takes when painting flesh, hair,  non metallic metals, eyes, scars, translucent fabric effects, and many more interesting and useful techniques!

I particularly liked and got a lot out of the fact that she took the time to go over each and every color and mix she used for each step as this allowed me to get a good sense of how she highlights and shades colors.

I would definitely recommend this DVD set for anyone who is hoping to delve a little deeper into miniature painting and broaden their horizon and skills related to the art! I have included some pictures as well as a link to the Squall I personally painted on CMON following this DVD guide. (While it isn't as good as Jens, it did have a 9.0 or higher on CMON for quiet a few months which I was happy about!)

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